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Ultima IX
Words of Power: IN LOR
Reagents: SA
Circle: 1st
Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: IN LOR
Reagents: SA
Circle: 1st
Ultima VII (SNES)
Name: Illumination
Circle: 2nd
Mana: 2
Ultima VII
Words of Power: IN LOR
Reagents: SA
Circle: 1st
Ultima VI
Words of Power: IN LOR
Reagents: SA
Circle: 1st
Ultima V
Name: Create Light
Words of Power: IN LOR
Reagents: SA
Circle: 1st
Ultima IV
Reagents: SA
Mana: 5
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: IN LOR
Reagents: SA
Circle: 1st
The Temper of Wisdom
Words of Power: IN LOR
Reagents: SA
Circle: 1st

Darkness is truly the enemy of the adventurer. If it is night, or the party is deep inside a dungeon, creatures of evil will use the darkness to attack clandestinely. With Light, things are literally brightened up, and a light source will show what is normally hidden by darkness. This is lasts longer than the Glimmer spell but less than the Great Light spell.

In Ultima IX, a small, orange-glowing sphere will hover above the caster, shedding light into the surroundings. The sphere will continue to leech on the mage's mana until either it is all used up, or the sphere is dismissed with another casting of the spell.

White potions fulfill the same purpose as the spell, but less effectively, acting more like the Glimmer spell.

Daylight is a stronger version of this spell, illuminating a greater area.


The enchantment of Light is a trivial one, often the very first spell acquired by the budding sorcerer. It requires but a pinch of Sulphurous Ash, which is applied to the end of a staff and gently blown upon until it begins to glow with a soft yellow light. The spellcaster must concentrate briefly on the image of a candle and expend a slight amount of energy to start the magical glow. From then on it will burn softly until the reagent is consumed, lighting the underground passages where the thaumaturge treads. There are two principal advantages to the use of Light spells in place of ordinary torches. They are unaffected by all but magical winds or breezes; and they do not smoke and cause one's eyes to smart. Many a warrior has suffered grievously because his eyes were shut by the sting of a wealth of tears.
This simple spell creates a pool of light. Although a short duration, In Lor creates a brighter light than the best of torches. Note, however, that In Lor cannot be used in place of real flame to enhance the mixing of reagents for spells, for its properties are quite different.

In Lor's sole ingredient is sulphurous ash powder. Place the powder upon the object intended as the light source; rub it rhythmically while chanting "In Lor." Almost instantly, the object will blaze with white light.

Illuminates a darkened area.
This spell is a more potent version of the Linear spell Glimmer. It creates a source of light that will illuminate a darkened area. This light source can travel with the party and lasts for a significant amount of time.
This spell brings into being a mobile source of light that lasts for half an hour.
Should Grimwar ever find the means to cast Light, many a sleepy night of mine would henceforth be disturbed. The Light spell summons an orb of light that follows a mage's movements. Its range is limited, yet it can be of great use in darkened catacombs. Some toothy nuisances prefer the dark and may choose to avoid the caster until the spell is dispelled or mana has run dry.


A light-sphere
  • In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, In Lor can be used to create magical glyphs which float in the air near the mage. The casting of these glyphs requires additional gestures on the part of the magician, and seems to shorten the duration of the Light spell. Annon and Balthan use these glyphs to try to counter Jordan's magical blindness.[1]

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