Ethereal Sight

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Ethereal Sight
Ultima IX
Words of Power: IN QUAS WIS
Reagents: MR, SS
Circle: 2nd

With Ethereal Sight, what is magically hidden is revealed.

The mage casts this spell and it stays until dismissed, while constantly using mana. During that time, the mage sees through all illusions and all invisible things become visible. No illusion magic can withstand this spell. This is especially useful to harvest Nightshade, which otherwise is invisible to the naked eye.


It is an old ploy of mages to hide items of value fmm common sight in the void. Lucky is the mage who casts Ethereal Sight in the secret vault of a mage of the dark ether. For, Ethereal Sight permits the caster to see into the void near to his location. Arduin, who refbses to eat meat, yearns to render invisible sheep destined for the dinner table, but lack of ethereal control and delicious vegetables make unhappy chores for him. When the ether is clear and present, Ethereal Sight lasts until dispelled by the caster or his mana runs dry.

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