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Ultima IX
Name: Light Heal
Words of Power: MANI
Reagents: GA, GS, SS
Circle: 1st
Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: MANI
Reagents: GA, GS, SS
Circle: 2nd
Ultima VII
Words of Power: MANI
Reagents: GS, SS
Circle: 3rd
Ultima VII (SNES)
Name: Healing
Circle: 2nd
Mana: 1
Ultima VI
Words of Power: IN MANI
Reagents: GS, SS
Circle: 1st
Ultima V
Name: Life
Words of Power: MANI
Reagents: GS, SS
Circle: 1st
Ultima IV
Words of Power: the victim's name
Reagents: GS, SS
Mana: 10
The Temper of Wisdom
Words of Power: MANI
Reagents: GS, SS
Circle: 2nd

An essential spell, Heal repairs smaller wounds in no time, on either the caster or any other person. In battle or after other injuries, this spell saves lives! It will not remove toxin or disease, however, so in these cases, the Cure spell is required. For more serious injuries, Great Heal spell (or the Full Heal spell in Ultima IX) will take care of the grievous wounds that Heal alone cannot.

Yellow potions fulfill the same purpose as this spell.


One of the cornerstones of the good and true path of the wizard is the use of enchantment for beneficial ends. We have discussed the Cure spell, which renders venom as harmless as the purest of well water, but the most common form of injury is the physical wound rather than the internal disruption brought on by poison. Swords and talons do not discriminate, and the tools of justice are oft used for unjust purposes. When you or your companions have suffered physical injury that hath rent or seared the flesh, the Heal spell is invaluable. Mix similar quantities of the healing essence of Ginseng with integrating strength of Spider Silk and apply it to the wound. Speak the name of the victim and the flesh will be hastened along the road to wholeness.
Mani is the simplest healing spell. Mani does not cure patients, but it does make them feel better and may take them out of immediate danger. Mani is useful even to higher circle magicians, because it is simple enough to cast during combat. Spider silk and ginseng are the components needed for Mani. No special conditions are necessary during mixing or casting.
Applies healing energy to one who is injured.
This spell heals half the injuries that its subject has sustained.
This powerful enchantment speeds up the healing process of most wounds, as if the afflicted were to rest for a great many days.
Rooted in the restorative powers of Nature, this gentle spell can replenish lost blood and tissue in its target. Though the abilities of its magic are limited, Light Heal may allow the caster to continue until a more suitable place of rest is found. It is a favored spell of Arduin who, save for the ether. can cast it with consistency. The boy may have a bit of the druid in him.

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, Mani is the only healing spell that Balthan can cast himself. He knows multiple uses for it, however.[1]


"Sweet mother of midnight, moonlight, and magic..." He found his reagent sack and plunged his arm into its deceptive depths, seeking the pouch in which he kelp a mixture of ginseng and spider silk. "He's going to throw me to the wolf." After extracting a thumbnail-sized lump of felt, he cupped it against his nose and mouth. "Mani!" he whispered, evoking the spell.
Mani was the simplest healing spell in the arcanum, and the only one Balthan knew. Applied directly to the skin, it made minor cuts and bruises vanish. Inhaled, its power touched the mind, lifting the recipient above pain and panic, strengthening the will to survive. Balthan's thoughts steadied: Seanna wouldn't linger, he assured himself. She'd be glad of anybody's help getting the wagon back to the road. All he had to do was stay put.

- from The Temper of Wisdom (Ultima Saga)

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