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Ultima VII
Words of Power: IN QUAS XEN
Reagents: BM, GS, MR, NS, SS, SA
Circle: 6th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: IN QUAS XEN
Reagents: BM, GS, MR, NS, SS, SA
Circle: 6th
Ultima V
Name: Create an Illusionary Creature
Words of Power: IN QUAS XEN
Reagents: BM, GS, MR, NS?, SS, SA
Circle: 7th

Clone, also known as In Quas Xen, is a magical spell enabling its caster to create a copy of any living being upon which the incantation is directed. Although a fully independent entity, this resulting duplicate shares an innate alliance with its original, and will readily aid them in battle should the need arise.

Having been devised by the time of Lord Blackthorn's reign in Ultima V, Clone could be found in a mage's repertoire for centuries thereafter, up to and including the early Age of Armageddon. By the time of the Avatar's final return to Britannia in Ultima IX, however, the spell was not to be encountered by the hero.


Another powerful combat spell is In Quas Xen. By means of illusion, this spell duplicates friend or foe, in every detail. Although the new creature is an illusion, it fights and bleeds exactly as the original. When a friend is cloned, the original and duplicates are still joined. Injury to each is felt by the other, death to one destroys the other. Yet the two are physically separate; they have independent turns in battle and may work together to vanquish a foe. When a hostile creature is duplicated, no connection between copy and original seems to remain. Pain to a monster's clone is not felt by the monster; and death of the creature does not remove the clone. The power of mandrake root is essential to this spell; as are the illusionary properties of nightshade. To mature the root, add spider silk to bind and ginseng to heal; mix with the living energy of sulphurous ash and add blood moss for animation. When casting the spell, fling the glittering sand that results into the air. The wind will catch the granules, and where the first one touches earth, there shall the clone arise.
Creates an identical, though not directly controllable, replica of any being.
This spell creates an exact duplicate of any mortal creature, who will then fight on the same side as the original.


  • In the GOG version of Ultima V, In Quas Xen does not require nightshade, and will fail to mix if it is included.
  • Clone can be exploited in Ultima VI, when used in conjunction with Animate, to replicate gold and any equipment.
  • In Ultima VII, cloning the Avatar and then killing the resulting copy provides the only opportunity in the game for the character's corpse to appear; ordinarily, upon defeat the screen fades to black and the player awakens in Paws.

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