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Ultima IX
Words of Power: POR UUS YLEM
Reagents: BM, SS
Circle: 5th
Ultima VII (SNES)
Name: Levitation
Circle: 5th
Mana: 4

This article is about a traditional Britannian spell. For the runic spell, see Levitate (Underworld).

Mankind always dreamed of flying like the birds. While Levitate can't accomplish this feat, it at least allows the caster to hover several feet above the ground, at least as long as he or she doesn't attempt to move, which at once cancels this spell, making a hard fall.


With this invocation, the caster gathers a mass of air beneath him and raises his person above the ground. It is a means of both escape and access to elevated stations. I learned of the theft of this spell from, a scroll of mine when Grimwar levitated to pluck for himself the finest Fruit from our plum tree. As punishment for the theft, he alone gathered the firewood that summer.


In the SNES-port
  • The spell does also appear in the SNES-Port of Ultima VII. In it, the spell literally allows the Avatar to hover and fly around for around 10-15 seconds in order to bypass obstacles. However, when being over water, the spell doesn't know how to execute the timer and the Avatar continues to hover until being over dry land.
  • In 1.18f and 1.19f versions of Ultima IX, this spell does not function correctly and will not lift the Avatar up.
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