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This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

Throughout Lynn Abbey's The Temper of Wisdom, the Inquisitor Lohgrin uses dark magic against the inhabitants of Hawksnest. This spellcraft is quite different from that used by traditional Britannian mages. The pages in this category include the known powers of this magic.

Spell Book[edit]

The Inquisitor's Spellbook is written in strange glyphs, unrelated to the traditional Runic Alphabet, seemingly in blood. It is assumed that, as with the traditional Mage's Spellbook, all spells that the Inquisitor knows are inscribed within its pages.


The reagents used by the thaumaturge are quite different from the eight traditional Reagents.

Hand 'o'Glory The hand 'o'glory is the disembodied hand of a troll, worn like a glove by the dark mage.
Beetle Shell Dark chitinous beetle shells are seen by the heroes, and recognized as reagents, although we do not see them used.
Ink A pool of black ink can be used for scrying.

Words of Power[edit]

We do not see any words of power used when spells of Dark Thaumaturgy are cast, although the novels are set in such a way so that we never see the full casting of the spell. It is possible that dark mages use the traditional Words of Power.

The Spells[edit]

The following spells are available to the Inquisitors:

Spell Reagents Description
Enthrall unknown Makes the target obey the caster.
Scry Ink Allows the dark mage to find someone at a distance.
Nightmare unknown Allows the wizard to enter the mind of the target, inflicting dark dreams upon them.
Summon Gazer Hand 'o'Glory, unknown Summons a phantasmal gazer, which the mage controls.
Create Miasma Hand 'o'Glory, unknown Creates a black fog in the surrounding area, causing fear, anger and violence.
Call Shadowlord Hand 'o'Glory, unknown Summons the wraith to whom the dark mage is pledged.


(Balthan) alternately grunted and nodded as Jordan, then Darrel, described the apparition, Althea's strange behavior, and the objects in the Inquisitor's locked storeroom.
"There were thousands of them," Darrel concluded his description of the bug-filled basket.
"A reagent," Balthan said. He plunged into his sack for a flat ceramic pot and a tangled wad of spider silk. "Not one of ours," he added unnecessarily. Absently, expertly, he divided the silk, felted each piece into a shallow cup shape, then filled the depression with ruddy powder from the pot. "Lohgrin's a magician."
"Hold still. I imagine all the Inquisitors are."
"You just said he's not one of you. Maybe his magic's different." He took the next-to-last bundle and pressed it against his shoulder.
"Different reagents, different invocations--Mani!--But magic doesn't change. A gazer's a gazer--it is what it is no matter who or what created it. It has no soul, no will. Althea does, he can entrall her, but he can't control her soul."

- from The Temper of Wisdom (Ultima Saga)

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