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Ultima VII
Words of Power: REL HUR
Reagents: none
Circle: Linear
As energetic as this spell is, it doesn't require any mana or reagents. Weather, as the name suggests, affects the weather of Britannia. More precisely, it can either conjure a rainstorm or can dissolve an already existing one. Very useful if the mage doesn't want to get wet or if rain is needed for the crops.

The Ultima VII Part Two version of this spell, Stop Storm, allows the caster only to stop a storm. However, even though it is less powerful than Weather, it is a 9th level spell.


This spell can create a storm or cause an existing storm to stop.


  • This spell uses the same Words of Power, REL HUR, as Wind Change from previous games. However, Wind Change is less powerful, affecting only the wind, and not the general weather.

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