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Ultima VII
Words of Power: IN MANI CORP
Reagents: GA, GS, SS, SA
Circle: 8th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: IN MANI CORP
Reagents: BM, GA, GS, MR, SS, SA
Circle: 8th
Ultima V
Name: Create Life From Death
Words of Power: IN MANI CORP
Reagents: BM, GA, GS, MR, SS, SA
Circle: 8th
Ultima IV
Words of Power: the dead person's name
Reagents: BM, GA, GS, MR, SS, SA
Mana: 45
The Temper of Wisdom
Words of Power: unknown
Reagents: unknown
Circle: unknown

Death is a truly horrible thing, and only a wonder can return life where death once was. A wonder isn't needed once Resurrect is learned! The spellcaster needs much mana and strength to cast it, but if successful, every wound heals, and the deceased will return to life as if awakening from a bad dream. This makes this spell one of the most powerful ever recorded, but also one of the most taxing ones.

Resurrect doesn't work on victims whose bodies have been turned to ashes, or otherwise destroyed.


Many are the monsters and terrors that dwell beneath the surface or in the forests and marshes of Britannia. Even groups of most valiant and fierce warriors are subject to losses too tragic to bear. If a companion is slain by an enemy, all is not lost in the presence of the most accomplished of mages. There exists the means to bring back a companion from the land of the dead - not as an unholy once-dead being - but as a living, breathing creature of flesh and blood restored to life, albeit in an extremely weakened condition. Each wizard must needs determine the components of this enchantment that work best with their own magic, for the combination is said to be unique to each spellcaster. What is known about weaving this the most potent of all enchantments is that it requires the spellcaster to scatter the reagents to cover the victim's body, white calling out the name of the slain companion in a voice of thunder. This magic is extraordinarily taxing, and rare is the mage who can continue to weave spells without rest once this enchantment has been successfully cast.
There are many rewards for hard work and concentrated practice. For practiced wizards, having attained the eighth circle, there is the reward of being able to reverse death itself. Resurrection requires such total concentration and peace of mind that it should never be attempted on the harried field of battle. To mix, place a mandrake root in a sieve in a fresh water spring on a sunlit day. One by one, add garlic, to keep away ills and evil, spider silk, for binding the life forces together, ginseng for healing, sulphurous ash for the spark of life, and blood moss to animate the spirit. Remove the sieve from the spring and let the mixture dry. A small crystal will form from the drying mass. To revive a companion, place the crystal on the friend's forehead and intone In Mani Corp. The resurrected person will be weak and in need of further assistance.
Restores life to a being who was dead.
This spell, when successful, empowers the mage to restore life in one who has died.

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, the Inquisitor Lohgrin threatens to use this spell against Althea. It is said that this spell could have metaphysical repercussions.[1]


"I'd die first. I'd kill myself before I'd let you touch me."
His smile broadened. "Such a waste, Althea." He touched her arm lightly with his smooth, dry fingers, then seized it. "A virtuous magician can restore life, at a price. Death need not be permanent."
"You wouldn't," Althea whispered. "You wouldn't dare." The Avatar has discovered the secret of Resurrection but the spell confounded destiny in ways neither virtue nor magic could repair. Since the Avatar's withdrawal from Britannia the spell has not been cast.

- from The Temper of Wisdom (Ultima Saga)


  • After Ultima VII, the spell falls into disuse, and other methods of resurrection are found.
  • The Ultima III spell Anju Sermani is a more powerful version of this spell, to be used on bodies that have been burnt to ashes.

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