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Garlic (GA) is a pungent member of the onion family, long lauded for its culinary value. Found on Earth, Britannia and the Serpent Isle, this bulbous herb has been used as a magical ward in all three cultures, and plays a prominent role as a reagent in Britannian and Serpent Islander magic.

History and Use[edit]


Among the most common and inexpensive of Britannian reagents, garlic is readily available from farmers and magical vendors alike, and is prepared simply by grinding several peeled cloves into a paste. In spell weaving, this plant serves as a ward against illness, poison and beings in an undead state.


Having observable antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties, garlic has long been used by Terran herbalists as a primitive means of combating infections and was believed in a number of western societies to ward away demons, malevolent spirits, vampires and werewolves. In Hindu, Jain and Buddhist traditions, however, garlic and similar plants are thought to "heat the blood" and are avoided by religious ascetics, whereas in Islam, some myths purport that the odorous herb was left by the footfalls of Satan, himself, as he left the Garden of Eden.[1]


Garlic Character.png
arlic - Even the most common of nature's gifts to our people have magical properties as can be witnessed by the power of Garlic. This pungent bulb is found in every garden in the lands of Britannia, and no stew or roast would be complete without its sharp flavor. Its aromatic nature makes Garlic a powerful reagent in the casting of magical spells, and it is used in all spells of the warding variety - be they the warding off of common and magical sickness or the repelling of beings once dead.
Ubiquitous and strong-scented reagent, used effectively in warding off evil spirits.
This common household spice is effective in warding off evil spirits and negating black magic. Preparations for use generally involve grinding the washed cloves of garlic between two flatirons until they are reduced to a pungent paste.
Certainly this is the most commonly available of all magical reagents. There are few kitchens in all of Britannia that are not supplied with at least a few cloves of this spice. Garlic cloves are washed and ground into a paste, providing significant protection from harmful magic.
Though the grated seasoning is found in any well-maintained kitchen, the reagent is ground to a fine, odorous paste. Garlic is the reagent that permits the casting of protective enchantments. The horticulturists in Fawn have begun to sell their garlic in reagent form for a fair price.
For eons, common garlic has warded off creatures of undead enchantment, though some have developed resistances over time. In magical application, garlic has powers of protection that invest themselves in the binding of these spells. Yet the usage of garlic can make one weep like a child. Against this power, there is scant protection.


  • Contrary to Terran legends, simple possession of garlic will not protect an individual from the danger of the Britannian undead. The herb must used in an appropriate spell to repel such beings.


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