Poison Wind

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Poison Wind
Ultima VI
Words of Power: NOX HUR
Reagents: BM, NS, SA
Circle: 6th
Ultima V
Name: Create a Poison Wind
Words of Power: IN NOX HUR
Reagents: BM, NS, SA
Circle: 7th

Poison Wind is the stronger version of the Poison spell. Instead of targeting a single target, this spell sends forth a cone of poisonous mist which will badly poison even the strongest enemy, weakening them a lot. However, like with Death Wind and Flame Wind, this spell has to be used with care, since it doesn't discriminate between friend or foe and poisons everything in its path.


A cone of poisonous wind emanates from the hands of an agile wizard when in Nox Hur is cast, widening as it moves forward and sickening all in its path, friend or foe. Quite effective against many kinds of creatures, In Nox Hur is dangerous to use since the slightest error can destroy comrades as well as foes. Only the most dexterous should attempt it
Sends a gale of noxious wind in the direction of your foes.


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