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Ultima VII Part Two
Name: Mind Blast
Words of Power: CORP POR
Reagents: BP, BS NS, SA
Circle: 8th
Ultima VII
Name: Death Bolt
Words of Power: CORP POR
Reagents: BP, NS, SA
Circle: 7th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: IN CORP
Reagents: BP, NS, SA
Circle: 7th
Ultima V
Name: Creature Death
Words of Power: XEN CORP
Reagents: BP, NS
Circle: 7th
Ultima IV
Words of Power: enemy's Truename
Reagents: BP, NS
Mana: 25
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: XEN CORP
Reagents: unknown
Circle: unknown
The Temper of Wisdom
Words of Power: XEN CORP
Reagents: unknown
Circle: unknown

Kill is one of the strongest attack spells available. Casting this spell, a bolt of lethal energy is fired at the foe. In almost all cases this one bolt is deadly, resulting in an instant kill. This is the reason why most mages strive to learn this attack spell as fast as possible. No armour, and no magical protection helps against it, although some monsters have a natural protection against death energies.

The spell is also known as Death Bolt and Mind Blast.


Firing Kill
The Kill spell is the most powerful of the missile enchantments. It is the favorite of evil wizards and its use is prohibited by most teachers of the mystic arts. Nevertheless, when faced with a foe of singular strength and a truly evil nature, the wise magician will prepare a mixture of the highly toxic Nightshade and mercurial Black Pearl and speak the True-name of the enemy while casting the reagents toward the foe. As the last syllable of the chant fades, all of the target's vital organs shall cease to function for the space of seven heartbeats. This is usually fatal, although some beings of exceptionally hardy constitution will survive a single Kill spell. The enchantment may be woven several times, but takes a fierce toll on the energy and concentration of the caster. It is easier to Dispel a field of vibrant energy than it is to stop the functioning of a living being.
Regardless of the strength, size or endurance of a foe, Xen Corp will overcome it. Only a creature with intelligence capable of greater concentration than that used in the casting, and capable of recognizing the intent before the spell is completed, has a chance of escaping death when assailed by Xen Corp. Mix nightshade that has never seen light with the blackest pearl. Pour the powder into a small lead capsule and seal with black wax. While intoning the spell, hurl the capsule at the foe selected for destruction.
Sends a lethal bolt of energy towards an opponent.
This spell enables the mage to project a bolt of lethal energy at a specified target.
This spell, whose effect is greatly based on the mental powers of the caster and the target,

releases a bolt of lethal energy.

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

After touching the temporal curtain created by Balthan at the end of The Forge of Virtue, Jordan is blinded by magic. The spell scrolls used to construct the time wall are An Tym, Xen Corp and Vas Lor. Balthan had been illuminating scrolls of Eighth Circle magic when Blackthorn took his master Felespar, including those that could "slay a man wherever he stood".[1]


The magician sank slowly to his knees. "I used three scrolls: An Tym, to slow time; Xen Corp, to kill; and Vas Lor, great light to bind them together and because it was the only scroll I had left. I don't know what happened to the Xen Corp--" The gleaming wood fell from Balthan's fingers, "--but it's the other two that are blinding you."

- from The Forge of Virtue (Ultima Saga)


  • Dragons are immune to this spell.
  • Liches, post-Ultima IV, tend to use this spell for an instant kill against the Avatar, making them very dangerous.
  • Kill works on undead creatures, even though the description in Ultima IV implies it does not.

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