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Experience is used throughout the Ultima series as a means of gaining levels. Experience is primarily gathered by killing monsters or solving quests. The amount of experience required to increase a level generally increases geometrically. From Ultima IV to Ultima VII Part Two, the following experience amounts are required for any character to increase a level:

  • Level 2: 100 Experience
  • Level 3: 200 Experience (this is the starting level for the main character)
  • Level 4: 400 Experience
  • Level 5: 800 Experience
  • Level 6: 1600 Experience
  • Level 7: 3200 Experience
  • Level 8: 6400 Experience - this is the maximum attainable level

Note that from Ultima VII onwards, even higher levels are possible, but it is practically impossible to raise higher than Level 9, for which 12800 EXP are needed (Level 10 would be 25600 EXP).

Ultima IV[edit]

Virtue Stones 200xp
Runes 100xp
Silver Horn 400xp
Book of Truth 400xp
Candle of Love 400xp