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Magic: the ancient art of tapping into the ether and using its powers to call forth many interesting effects. Throughout the ages, the magics of different regions and worlds are seen. Let us take a closer look at them in this section of the Codex.

For the magic of old Sosaria in the Age of Darkness, see the following article:

For the magic of Britannia, see the following articles:

For the magic of the Serpent Isle, see the following article:


For the magic of Pagan, see the following articles:

A special category of magic, encountered on several other worlds and Britannia is:

Finally, for the shamanistic magic used on the island of Eodon, see:

Magic Systems
Sosaria Sosarian Magic
Britannia Britannian Magic Britannian Spells Ascension Magic Rituals Ultima VII (SNES)
Serpent Isle Serpent Isle Magic Serpent Isle Spells
Pagan Pagan Magic Pagan Spells Necromancy Tempestry Theurgy Sorcery Thaumaturgy
Other Runic Magic Runic Spells Savage Empire Magic