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In this page of the Codex, all the spells of the various schools of magic in Pagan, Necromancy, Theurgy, Sorcery and Thaumaturgy can be found. For more general information, see the article Pagan Magic. Note that the articles are color-coded. A brown infobox means Necromancy, grey Theurgy, red Sorcery and green Thaumaturgy.

The Reagents are coded as follows:

Pagan Reagents
Ultima VIII Spells
Necromancy Call QuakeCreate GolemDeath SpeakGrant PeaceMask of DeathOpen GroundRock FleshSummon DeadWithstand Death
Theurgy Aerial ServantAir WalkDivinationFade from SightHealing TouchHear TruthInterventionRestorationResurrectionReveal
Sorcery Armor of FlamesBanish DaemonConflagrationCreate FireEndure HeatExplosionExtinguishFire ShieldFlame BoltFlashIgniteSummon Daemon
Thaumaturgy Call DestructionConfusion BlastDevastationEthereal TravelMeteor ShowerSummon Creature