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Brimstone (BR) is a reagent that is used in the sorcerous arts on Pagan.

Uses and History[edit]


Brimstone is unprocessed sulfur (differing from the ashen residue used in Britannian magic). The potential flammability of this mineral allows it to serve as a representation of raw power in Sorcery, and it is frequently used to imbue spells with magical potency. Due to the volcanic nature of Mount Morgaelin, brimstone is relatively easy to acquire, particularly near Daemon's Crag.


This is the rock that burns or, more to the point in Sorcery, explodes. A virtually limitless source of power dwells within its etheric composition.
Brimstone is a volatile substance, and confers this to Sorcerous enchantment in the form of raw power. Be careful in your use of this reagent. Never use more Brimstone than your spell calls for.


  • Adding brimstone to a Sorcery spell which does not require it will result in a conflagration, destroying the arrangement of candles needed for the spellwork and potentially injuring the Avatar.

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