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Necromancy is the magic of Earth and over Death itself, granted by Lithos, titan of Earth. Necromancy is practiced by the Necromancers, which live in the Cemetery east of Tenebrae, where they also do their duty to bury the dead of Pagan. All the spells deal exclusively either with earth itself, or in some manner with the dead. The Heart of Earth plays no role is this, but pacifies Lithos.

The Ritual to gain Spells[edit]

The way spells are created is not too complicated. Once someone has decided to become a learner in the order of the Necromants, they are given a Key of the Caretaker. The reagents needed for the spell are put into a bag, and then the Key is used on the closed bag with the right Words of Power. If everything was done right, a small talisman appears, holding the power of the spell. The spell can then be used at any time the caster wishes.

Warning: Should the combination of reagents be wrong, the reagents are lost. More than one apprentice has made this error.


Reagent codes:

Executioners hood.gif
Executioner's Hood (EX)
Wood (WO)
Dirt (DI)
Blackmoor (BM)
Bone (BO)
Blood (BL)
Dead Man's Elbow (DE)

Note that Dead Man's Elbow is not used for any spells encountered.

For more, see The Reagents of Necromancy

The Spells[edit]

The Following Spells are available for the Necromancer:

Spell Words of Power Reagents Description
Mask of death.gif
Mask of Death QUAS CORP WO EX Undead ignore the spellcaster, since they think him dead.
Call Quake KAL VAS YLEM POR DI BO WO BM Creates a earthquake to hurt one's foes.
Death speak.gif
Death Speak KAL WIS CORP BL BO Enable to caster to speak with the dead Necromancers.
Stone skin.gif
Rock Flesh REL SANCT YLEM WO DI Makes the caster invulnerable for some time.
Summon dead.gif
Summon Dead KAL CORP XEN BL BO WO Summons Ghouls or Skeletons to aid the caster.
Open ground.gif
Open Ground DES POR YLEM BL BM Opens a grave or a hollow rock wall for the caster.
Summon golem.gif
Create Golem IN ORT YLEM XEN BL BO WO DI BM Creates a Earth Golem from a patch of Earth, doing the casters bidding.
Withstand death.gif
Withstand Death VAS AN CORP WO DI BM Should the caster die after this is casted, they return to life.
Grant peace.gif
Grant Peace IN VAS CORP EX BM Can destroy a Ghoul, Ghost or Skeleton forever. (Only way to permanently kill Skeletons)


Within all living things is a magical energy or life-force. However, once the life has passed from a body, a byproduct of the life-force, emitted as etheric waves, remains inside. Lithos, the Titan of Earth, imbues those of his choice with the insight and fortitude to have some power over death and Earth.

The focus of a Necromantic spell is a small pouch filled with the reagents required to cast the spell. These reagents are easily obtainable as they are bits and pieces of the land and of those who once lived upon it.

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