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Obsidian (upper stone) and Pumice (lower stone)
Pumice (PU) is a reagent that is in use on Pagan. This brittle stone, while not very useful for other uses, has proven to to be very useful in the arcane arts.

Uses and History[edit]


For the magic school of Sorcery, pumice proved to be an ideal reagent to add distance to a spell, since due to its nature, it had been thrown the longest way out of a volcano, thanks to its very low weight. As the longest-thrown stone, it was essential for offensive spells that are fired at enemies.


This rock, cast highest and farthest from the volcano, retains the etheric impetus built up in the flight.
Pumice is thrown far from the maw of the volcano, and has the property of giving distance to a spell.


  • Technically spoken, obsidian and pumice are almost the same, the difference just being the amount of water and the time it takes the lava to cool down.

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