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In Ultima IX, there are Rituals which despite being no spells, are still a form of magic. These rituals demand a certain action to be done in order to be effective. Most of these are done only one time, while others are repeated often.

Ritual of Binding[edit]

With the new form of magic in Britannia, spells can now be bound into a spellbook with no more reagents needed. However, only spells of freed circles of magic can be bound into the spellbook. The number of freed circles is equal to that of repaired shrines.

To do so, the mage first needs a spellbook. Once this is obtained, a scroll with the spell of question and the needed reagents for this spell are put into the middle of a special binding pentagram. The next step is to ignite all candles of the pentagram, then chant the words of power in order to bind the spell into the book.

Should the reagents be wrong, then both, scroll and reagents, are lost.

Taught by Altomar in Britain.


The effects of this ritual are twofold. It repairs a destroyed shrine of virtue, and it turns a twisted glyph back into the original rune of virtue. This also has the effect of opening up one more circle of magic and enabling the Restoration ritual at the repaired shrine.

To do so, three essential items are needs. The sigil of the virtue of the shrine is needed first, the twisted gylph of this virtue next and the mantra of this virtue last. Once all these items are gathered, both physical items are put on the shrine, then the fitting mantra is chanted in order to repair the shrine and cleanse the rune.

Taught by Sarah east of Britain.


This very useful ritual completely heals the caster, cures all poisons and fills up the mana storage to maximum. This makes it essentially equal to Serpentwyne in its power but can be used without a limit.

Doing this ritual is very simple. Once a shrine is repaired, it will ask, after the mantra is chanted, if the Ritual of Restoration is to be done. After a positive answer, the spell "VAS MANI CORP" has to be chanted in order to receive the boost.

Taught by Mariah in Moonglow (if still alive).

Summon Moongate[edit]

Since the moongate system is disturbed, the Gate Travel spell is no longer available at the time of Ascension and the Orb of the Moons of old ceased to function decades ago, this ritual is needed in order to use the Moongates for fast transportation. For it, the mage first needs possession of a new kind of Orb.

Once the Orb of the Moons is obtained, in order to call the gate, the orb is to be placed in a moongate circle and then the mantra of the destination gate has to be chanted. Note that travel is only possible to gates whose shrines already have been repaired. Otherwise, the way stays closed.

Taught by Nico in Minoc.

Spirit Speak[edit]

Speaking with the soul of one who's already deceased needs special preperation, when the dead in question has already left, meaning that the Seance spell won't get you far. This ritual will call the spirit to the caster's location to answer the questions.

To do so, the ashes of the deceased have to be put on top of one of the shrines of virtue, no more is needed.

Taught by Myrea in Trinsic.

Reunite Body and Soul[edit]

It can happen that body and soul are separated from each other. In this case, this complicated ritual is needed in order to put them back together, as otherwise the soul will lose contact to the body.

For it, the Book of Truth, the Candle of Love and the Bell of Courage are needed. The three items have to be grouped around the body of the person, whose soul is missing. The first step is to read in the book, the next to light the candle and the third to ring the bell. To complete the ritual, the mantra of Spirituality, OM, has to be chanted.

Taught by Shamino's Spirit in Skara Brae.

Summon Pyros[edit]

This ritual summons the powerful titan Pyros from his domain to do the caster's bidding. Doing so is highly dangerous, as he is greatly annoyed by such disturbance of his sleep and if the caster is not powerful enough, it will be his or her end!

To summon him, the caster needs to put a daemon skull, Spider Silk, Sulfurous Ash and a piece of blackrock into a specially prepared pentagram made of blood. Then a red candle is placed into the middle it and then ignited, in order to call Pyros.

Taught by Shamino in the Spirit Realm.

Barrier of Life[edit]

This ritual creates a barrier of pure energy that essentially prevents anything from escaping or entering it, once it is powered up. Not even the mighty Armagoddon spell can break the Barrier of Life. It is actually unknown if there is a way to again safely de-activate it.

To build the barrier, the mage first has to place the Sigils of virtue in a circle around the area that is to be isolated, then stand in the middle of the circle and chant the spell ""SANCT VAS GRAV IN MANI AN CORP"" in order to erect the barrier.

Taught by the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom on the Isle of the Avatar.


This is essentially the same as the Armageddon spell, with the same horrible consequences: the end of all life on the planet. Once this power of destruction is turned loose, it is going to burn off the surface of the entire world, leaving nothing apart from dead rock. Only the Barrier of Life can withstand its effects.

To start the end of the world, three pieces of blackrock have to be put into the middle of a magical circle, then the words "VAS KAL AN MANI IN CORP HUR TYM" have to be spoken in order to destroy the world itself.

Taught by the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom on the Isle of the Avatar.

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