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The Sigils
Sigils appear in Ultima IX and are magical items strongly connected to the virtues. Each of them is needed to clease a shrine with the Sanctify ritual and finish the game by creating the Barrier of Life.


While most of them are the item used as symbol for the vitrue they represent, other are totally different.

  • The Writ of Honesty. The Avatar has to get this from the corrupt sorceress Batista by exchanging it with Mariah's magical shield. This Sigil has a hand printed on it, but traditionally the symbol of Honesty is just a a hand.
  • The Heart of Compassion. The Avatar gets this Sigil from Aidon after saving his daughter. However the traditional symbol for Compassion used to be a Rose.
  • The Quill of Justice. The Avatar gets it from Eustus the Vulture. Tradtionally, the symbol for Justice was a set of balanced scales.
  • The Teardrop of Sacrifice. The Avatar receives it after giving Laszlo the blackrock crystal ball.
  • The Chalice of Honor. Blackthorn destroys the original Chalice and the Avatar has to reconstruct with Lucero's help.