Barrier of Life

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The Barrier of Life
The Barrier of Life is a ritual that only appears in Ultima IX.

This ritual creates a barrier of pure energy that essentially prevents anything from escaping or entering it, once it is powered up. Not even the mighty Armageddon ritual can break the Barrier of Life. It is actually unknown if there is a way to again safely de-activate it.

To build the barrier, the mage first has to place the Sigils of virtue in a circle around the area that is to be isolated, then stand in the middle of the circle and chant the spell ""SANCT VAS GRAV IN MANI AN CORP"" in order to errect the barrier.

Taught by the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom on the Isle of the Avatar.


The Barrier of Life draws the protection of the Eight Virtues into a physical form that can withstand all attacks including that of its opposite, the Ritual of Armageddon. This ritual draws the ether nearest the Eight Shrines and encircles the caster as if he were the heart that feeds the ether. Though its casting does greatly roil the ether, it does not infuse a permanent change.


  • In the Bob White Plot, the Runes would have acted in a similar way to protect Skara Brae from Armageddon.
  • The Pillars used to create the barrier that are in the Guardian's throne room have no other clear purpose than to assist in the destruction of the Guardian.

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