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Gate Travel
Ultima VI
Words of Power: VAS REL POR
Reagents: BP, MR, SA
Circle: 7th
Ultima V
Words of Power: VAS REL POR
Reagents: BP, MR, SA
Circle: 8th
Ultima IV
Words of Power: the moons' names
Reagents: BP, MR, SA
Mana: 40
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: unknown
Reagents: unknown
Circle: unknown

This article is about a traditional Britannian spell. For the runic spell, see Gate Travel (Underworld).

Not everyone has an Orb of the Moons at their disposal. In order to make use of the moongates from anywhere without a loss of time, this useful spell was created. Upon casting Gate Travel, a blue moongate will open, transporting the spellcaster and the party to any of the eight moongates on the surface of Britannia.

It was once rumored that revealing the components of the spell would render it useless, though this was only a rumor.

Travel Destinations[edit]

Using the spell, the following numbers lead to the following gates:

Image001.gif (1) New Moon: Moonglow
Image002.gif (2) Crescent Waxing Moon: Britain
Image003.gif (3) First Quarter: Jhelom
Image004.gif (4) Gibbous Waxing Moon: Yew
Image005.gif (5) Full Moon: Minoc
Image006.gif (6) Gibbous Waning Moon: Trinsic
Image007.gif (7) Last Quarter: Skara Brae
Image008.gif (8) Crescent Waning Moon: New Magincia


Using the Gate Travel spell (Ultima IV)
In the repertoire of teleportation enchantments, Gate Travel is by far the most powerful. This is because it not only utilizes the reagents and chants of most magics, but also the power of the gates of the moons that control the very oceans and tides. The moongates are located throughout Britannia, and appear only at certain phases of the twin moons Trammel and Felucca. To cast the spell of Gate Travel, one must speak the name of the moons as the reagents are stirred. As the enchantment takes effect, the spellcaster and any companions will be instantly carried to the location of the desired moongate. It has been a long-standing tradition among the practitioners of the mystic arts to zealously guard the secret of the components of the Gate Travel spell. It is said that revealing these reagents will seal the use of the gates to the one who divulged the key. Of course, none have dared to speak of them for fear of losing one of the most powerful and exhausting spells in the lore of enchantment. This writer is no exception to this belief.
A moongate traveler cannot rely on magic alone. The knowledge of the influence of the moon's phases is also required. Take a black pearl and shine it well. Bury the pearl in a clean piece of mandrake root. Sprinkle the whole with sulphurous ash and expose the conglomeration to the moons during one night. In the morning it will be a fine silver powder. To travel, cast the powder in the direction of the gate to be reached while speaking the name of that gate's town followed by Vas Rel Por. Immediately drop to the ground and meditate on the proper phases of the moon for that gate. Instantly, the party will be there.
Telports the caster's party to a moonstone location determined by the moonphase.

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In the beginning of Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, DuPre and the mage Meraise arrive near Hawksnest by way of moongate, and it was noted that only a magician of the highest rank could compel a gate to open against its moon phase. Later, Balthan's endless mystical stairs ended in a moongate created by a scroll.[1]


Jordan added his own oaths and exclamations, but Althea knew the light for what it was.
"A moon gate."
The heir of Hawksnest was skeptical. "A moon gate that works in the daylight and opens down?"
"Balthan said he was carrying scrolls and that the Avatar showed him how to use them together. He was Felespar's amanuensis--he told me once that the spell he illuminated most often was one that opened a moon gate at any time and from any place."
"Probably costs a small fortune in gold. Who'd use it?" Jordan wondered.
Drum knew. "Peers of Virtue Quests--who else? The question is: Are we going to use this one? Looks like Balthan smeared the ink, if you ask me."


  • A spell of the same name, but with different effects, appeared in both of the Underworlds. This spell still worked in Ultima Underworld II despite the destruction of the moongates in Ultima VII.

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  1. Abbey, Lynn. The Forge of Virtue. Questar Fantasy: 1991. Pages 18, 252-253.
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