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Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: IN JUX POR YLEM
Reagents: BP, BS MR, NS
Circle: 8th
Ultima VII
Words of Power: IN JUX POR YLEM
Reagents: BP, MR, NS
Circle: 8th

Swordstrike is a very strong attack spell, one of the strongest available.

When cast, a rotating pinwheel of eight swords is thrown towards the mage's selected foes, hacking them into tiny pieces in no time. The spell also has an area effect, thus being capable of injuring multiple foes at the same time. This is one of the strongest available spells against a single enemy. Its only drawback is its high requirements, which mean only expert mages can cast it.

Note that unlike other attack spells, its damage is physical in nature, thus negating possible magical immunities.


Casting Sword Strike
This spell creates a deadly pinwheel of eight spinning swords that sails toward the designated target.
This spell creates a pinwheel of eight whirling blades, all designed to slice its target.

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