Create Gold

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Create Gold
Ultima VII
Words of Power: REL YLEM
Reagents: MR, SS
Circle: 7th

For centuries, mages in Britannia searched for a way to turn lead into gold. And finally they found it in the Create Gold spell. Casting it on a chunk of lead turns said chunk into a gold nugget.

However, economists can be assured that this won't result in a gold inflation in Britannia. After the mages had finally discovered the spell, they were disappointed, since the cost of the reagents for this spell was equal to the value of the created gold.


This spell changes a chunk of lead into ten gold nuggets.


  • In-game, the price for the reagents for one casting equals the value of one gold nugget. Of course, should you get many free reagents, the spell does come in handy.
  • The Book of Fellowship states that ten nuggets are created for each chunk of lead. However, in the game only one nugget is actually created for each lead chunk.

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