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Ultima IX
Words of Power: AN XEN EX
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 3rd
Ultima VII Part Two
Name: Betray
Words of Power: AN XEN EX
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 6th
Ultima VII
Words of Power: AN XEN EX
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 5th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: AN XEN EX
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 6th
Ultima V
Name: Negate a Creature's Freedom
Words of Power: AN XEN EX
Reagents: BP, NS, SS
Circle: 6th
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: AN XEN EX
Reagents: unknown
Circle: unknown

Some mages don't want to dirty their own hands in battle, so they use Charm. Casting it forces the weaker minded enemy under the caster's control, allowing them to use their new puppet to attack other foes. This spell only works on one creature, and stronger willed foes will be able to resist it completely. Thus, use it with caution.

In Ultima IX, this spell only works as long as there is mana left, as it consumes it constantly. Once mana runs out, the charmed creature turns against the caster. The Crook of Charming has the same effect.

The more powerful variant of this spell is Mass Charm, which will lead to an entire group of foes battling each other.


A most effective tactic to use against enemies is to charm members of their party to work against them. However, this spell is most difficult to apply where it could be of the most help, against the most diabolical of foes, those of superior intelligence. Control of a charmed individual is limited to fighting and moving; it does not extend to use of magic or special forms of attack. This spell can also be used to bring back party members after they have been charmed by a foe.

An Xen Ex requires a careful mixture of nightshade, to poison the mind; a black pearl, for projection; and spider silk to bind loyalty.

Changes the alignment of the target to match that of the caster.
This spell can be used either to ensorcell an enemy or creature into doing the mage's bidding, or to free one who is under the effects of a charm.
This spell encourages its subject, a foe to the caster, to change sides in a battle and fight against former comrades.
Often called the Follower's Folly, the Charm spell forces weaker creatures to ally with the spellcaster. In combat, a Charm spell can bring enemies to your cause and require former allies to fight each other. Charm lasts until dispelled. When it is, the charmed creature no longer finds the caster so charming.


  • In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, Squirt finds the hiding place of the wizard Annon. Mistaking him for a demon, the boy began knocking magic paraphernalia form the shelves. Hastily, the mage charmed the boy using An Xen Ex, which had the side effect of calming the boy's normally hyperactive mind.[1]

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