Rel Xen Bet

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Rel Xen Bet
Ultima V
Words of Power: REL XEN BET
Reagents: MR, NS, SS, SA
Circle: 6th

Rel Xen Bet is a spell that turns the invoking mage into a giant rat for a limited interval. Thus transformed, most enemies will ignore the caster, believing them to be a genuine rodent.

Rel Xen Bet was created by the hapless Grendel, after his previous attempt at a more potent enchantment went awry. The alchemist was originally formulating a spell called Vas Rel Xen Bet, which was intended to transmogrify a group of foes into rats. In an ironic twist of misfortune, however, the enterprise backfired and permanently metamorphosed Grendel himself into one of the gnawing creatures—albeit leaving his mental faculties unaffected—whereupon he was able to perfect the lesser form of the incantation.[1] Remaining an ill-fated experiment, the abortive Vas Rel Xen Bet's required reagents are not known.


  • Rel Xen Bet is one of the few spells not listed in the official Ultima V game documentation; Grendel provides the details in-game.

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