Rel Tym

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Rel Tym
Ultima V
Name: Change Time
Words of Power: REL TYM
Reagents: BM, MR, SA
Circle: 5th
Ultima IV
Name: Quickness
Reagents: BM, GS, SA
Mana: 20
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: REL TYM
Reagents: BM, MR
Circle: unknown

When speed of action is necessary, Rel Tym (also called Quickness and Change Time) will do the job. Whether the caster's party needs to dispatch their foes with expedience, or simply flee the scene without fear of being caught, this spell is an invaluable tool. This spells effectively doubles the attack speed of the affected individuals.


The spell of Quickness is one of the most unpredictable yet potent spells in the wizards collection of enchantments, and one of the most telling on his or her companions. When cast during battle, the Quickness spell will heighten the natural dexterity of one's fellows to such a degree that they will move with twice their normal agility - at times they will be able to land two blows against their foes instead of the customary single strike during a round combat. The price is age, for the recipients of the extra speed incurred by the use of Quickness will age briefly while under the sway of the enchantment, yet most feel that an occasional gray hair is but a small price to pay for the advantage of dealing twice the number of blows that one might receive. The reagents for the Quickness spell are fiery Sulphurous Ash, Ginseng, and volatile Blood Moss. The Blood Moss portion is double the others, for movement is the critical aspect of the spell. The Sulphurous Ash lends the flashes of energy needed by the beneficiaries of the enchantment, while the healing powers of Ginseng prevent them from aging so rapidly as to become gray-beards after a single encounter. Throughout the course of the Quickness spell, the spellcaster will be reminded of its effects by the vision of a bright, glowing “Q”.
Rel Tym doubles a party's speed, anytime, anywhere. It is especially effective in battle, when a party's members can return two blows for each of the enemies blows. It is also effective in surveillance, when being caught could be disastrous. Sulphurous ash provides energy, blood moss creates movement, and mandrake root provides the magical power required for this incantation.

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, the magician Annon utilizes Rel Tym to gain time to escape when Britain guards break into his bolt hole.[1]


A coil of rope landed at the bottom of the shaft. Wisps of foul-smelling smoke rose from Annon's fingers when he rubbed them together. There was no time left, so Annon made time with the blood-moss powder and mandrake pellets.
"Rel Tym!
The first spell Annon cast quieted the noise within the boy's mind. The second spell made the room unnaturally quiet instead. Squirt looked at the open door of the bolthole: He'd never seen a rope, or anything else, move so slowly. It made no noise when it struck the wall.
"What did you do?" he demanded.

- from The Forge of Virtue (Ultima Saga)


  • A solemn druid named Calumny, whom the Stranger met in Yew during Ultima IV, says he invented the Quickness spell, and gives the hero a more efficient reagent mixture to cast it.

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