In Vas Grav Corp

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In Vas Grav Corp
Casting Energy Cone
Ultima V
Name: Create a Great Energy of Death
Words of Power: IN VAS GRAV CORP
Reagents: MR, NS, SA
Circle: 8th

In Vas Grav Corp is the attack spell. Casting it creates a "cone of energy", a fan-shaped area in front of the mage where everything is wiped out instantly. Only truly enourmously strong foes can survive this spell of death. However, it is very seldomly used. The reasons for this are twofold:

For one, the spell has very high requirements and when the mage finally reaches these, they usually already have the means to deal with the foes in a more regular way.

Second and worst, the spell won't discriminate between friend or foe, and companions who accidentaly get in the way are destroyed as well. Careless mages are said to have slaughtered their entire party just because they weren't careful enough when casting the spell.


In Vas Grav Corp is the most powerful instrument of death yet devised. This spell lays waste to every living creature in its path unless the creature be exempt from the natural laws of this world or be strong enough intellect to resist the spell. Mandrake root must be gathered on a dark night during a lightning storm. It must be marinated in slime from stagnant mosquito fens and wrapped in nightshade, which must have been picked at midnight in total darkness. This package should be rolled in sulphurous ash and left on a grave overnight. If it is not discovered, it is ready to be dried into stringy dreadlocks of death.


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