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Opening a chest
Ultima V
Name: Negate Protection
Words of Power: AN SANCT
Reagents: BM, SA
Circle: 2nd
Ultima IV
Words of Power: "Appar Unem"
Reagents: BM, SA
Mana: 5

Open safely bypasses locks on doors and traps on chests. This alleviates the magic user's need for a lockpick for mechanical locks. However, the more-powerful Unlock Magic is required for magically-locked doors. Perhaps most importantly, this spell is the only way to be completely sure one evades a trap successfully when opening a chest (basically adding the effects of the later Destroy Trap spell).

In Ultima IV, this spell only applies to locked or trapped treasure chests. In the time of Ultima V it can be used on non-magically locked doors as well.


There was once a time when all beings were fair and just. The principal vessel used for the transport of one's worldly possessions in these times was the wooden chest, which is still the popular means. But since the coming of the evil ones and their lasting influence on the inhabitants of our fair land, the practice of placing obnoxious and sometimes lethal traps on the locks of chests has become quite commonplace. Virtually all folk use such devices, even the denizens of the underworld who guard naught but ill-gotten wealth. To bypass these sinister mechanisms the thaumaturge need but utter the chant “Appar Unem” and sprinkle a mix of Sulphurous Ash and Blood Moss on the offending lock. The flash of the Sulphurous Ash powers the movement potential of the Blood Moss and the lock will open itself safely, leaving the contents of the chest at the disposal of the spellcaster.
Many evil creatures carry chests full of treasure and useful items, often the result of thievery against some other good Britannian. No good person begrudges the vanquisher a monster's gold and good, but evil creatures often arm their chests with deadly traps. Popular chest traps are acid sprays, poison fumes, bombs and gaseous atmospheres. The first two are designed with intent to destroy the individual tampering with the lock. The last two a affect the entire area of the chest and injure anyone in that area. An Sanct used blood moss and sulphurous ash to seep into hidden traps and render them impotent. The spell also negates any non-magical locks in the chest. The same spell may be used to unlock doors locked by mechanical keys.


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