Des Por Vas

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Des Por Vas
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: DES POR VAS
Reagents: BM, SS
Circle: unknown

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In The Forge of Virtue, the wizard Annon must escape from the Britain City guards, and prepares to use a Des Por spell. However, he then amends that to a Great Descend or Des Por Vas, which likely would allow him to move multiple levels beneath his present one, rather than a single floor.[1]


"Quickly, Darrel--there's no time for warding. I cannot take you with me. There's a stairway behind the dragon tapestry. Get to the street and go home quickly. No one will follow you--not when they think they can follow me." Annon twirled his fingers through the cobwebs clinging to his robe and then dipped them in a powdery red stain on his worktable. "Des Por," he murmured. The spectacles fell from his nose. "Des Por Vas."
"Take me with you," Squirt pleaded. Another piece of wood struck the floor. The boy recognized the faded paint of the dovecote shutters. "Please--I won't be any trouble."
"No!" Annon sounded and looked more like a powerful mage. "Go home! It's too dangerous. You can't be found with a magician. Go home, now!"
Annon wrapped his fingers in spider-silk again, then touched them to the last of the red powder on the table.
"Des Por Vas!"
Incredibly, the magician began to sink through the floor.

- from The Forge of Virtue (Ultima Saga)


  1. Abbey, Lynn. The Forge of Virtue. Questar Fantasy: 1991. Pages 228-229.
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