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Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: AN ZU
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 2nd
Ultima VII
Words of Power: AN ZU
Reagents: none
Circle: Linear
Ultima V
Name: Negate Sleep
Words of Power: AN ZU
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 1st
Ultima IV
Words of Power: "levate"
Reagents: GA, GS
Mana: 5
The Forge of Virtue
Words of Power: AN ZU
Reagents: GA, GS
Circle: 1st

Awaken—first entering the mage's repertoire in Ultima IV—is a spell that bestows the effect of rousing its unconscious target from their slumber, whether a consequence of natural fatigue or induced by magical means such as the Sleep enchantment, as well as its field-based and alchemical counterparts. The negation affects only a single beneficiary; its greater variant, Mass Awaken, is capable of bestirring an entire group.

Orange potions fulfill the same purpose as Awaken.


Should you or any of your followers ever be so unfortunate as to come under the influence of a magically induced slumber, the use of a Spell of Awakening will often alleviate the condition. It is a simple spell which may be cast by the beginning student of the mystic arts with little effort or cost. It requires the use of Ginseng for its healing qualities and Garlic in order to ward off the coming of sleep until the victim's body has returned to its normal cycle of wakefulness and rest. Blend the two reagents carefully and apply the mixture to the brow of your sleeping companion and chant “levate” loudly.
An Zu, which requires a simple mixture of ginseng and garlic, is used to awaken sleeping comrades. An Zu has limitations; it works only on members of the caster's party, it awakens only one person per casting, and it has no lasting preventive effect.
This spell awakens one sleeping or unconscious creature.
This spell pulls one individual from the trance of sleep, whether sleeping from fatigue or enchantment.


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