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Spellweaving is a special magic skill in Ultima Online. It was created for several mages to come together and weave their spells together, to make them much stronger. However, it also is still very powerful when used alone. Besides needing Meditation for mana, one can't learn Spellweaving from the start. First two quests have to be solved, before the spellbook and the most basic spell are given, then the rest of the spells has to be found.

The skill was thought to encourage players working together, but the usage of the Arcane Focus crystals nullifies this intend.


To train the skill as fast as possible, follow this guide for which spell to ast a lot at which skill level for maximum effect.

Skill Level Which spell to cast Hints
0 - 20 Arcane Circle Stand on an Arcane Circle, Pentagram, or Abattoir.
20 - 33 Immolating Weapon Equip any melee weapon to cast. Immolating Weapon casts faster than Thunderstorm.
33 - 44 Reaper Form Make sure you are wearing 40% Lower Mana Cost and as much Mana Regeneration as possible.
44 - 60 Summon Fey/Fiend Summoning a Fiend means karma loss.
60 - 74 Essence of Wind -----
74 - 90 Wildfire Target yourself, as it doesn't hurt you but still gives experience.
90 - 120 Word of Death Target yourself, heal as needed.


Icon arcane circle.gif Arcane Circle
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates an Arcane Focus crystal which enhances other spellweaving spells.
24 0
Icon gift of renewal.gif Gift of Renewal
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Heals a target repeatedly for a short period of time.
24 0
Icon immolating weapon.gif Immolating Weapon
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Enchants the caster's melee weapon with extra fire damage for a short duration.
32 10
Icon attunement.gif Attunement
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates magical shield around the caster that absorbs melee damage.
24 0
Icon thunderstorm.gif Thunderstorm
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Deals mass energy damage around the caster and may caster a Faster Casting Recovery penalty on victims.
32 10
Icon natures fury.gif Nature's Fury
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates an uncontrollable swarm of insects that attack nearby enemies.
24 0
Icon summon fey.gif Summon Fey
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Summons one or more controllable Pixies. To cast (and obtain) this spell you must first complete the Friend of the Fey Quest.
10 38
Icon summon fiend.gif Summon Fiend
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Summons one or more controllable Imps. To cast (and obtain) this spell you must first complete the Fiendish Friends Quest.
10 38
Icon reaper form.gif Reaper Form
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Enhances the caster's swing speed, spell damage, and resists while penalizing fire resist and movement speed.
34 24
Icon wildfire.gif Wildfire
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Creates a field of fire that damages enemies within it for a short time.
50 66
Icon essence of wind.gif Essence of Wind
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Deals cold damage and gives a swing speed and Faster Casting penalty to nearby enemies.
40 52
Icon dryad allure.gif Dryad Allure
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Charms a target (non-player) humanoid into doing the caster's bidding.
40 52
Icon ethereal voyage.gif Ethereal Voyage
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Prevents monsters from being able to "see" the caster for a short time.
32 24
Icon word of death.gif Word of Death
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Does massive damage to creatures low in health.
50 83
Icon gift of life.gif Gift of Life
Mana Cost Minimum Skill When in effect on the caster or caster's pet, the beneficiary will be resurrected upon death.
70 38
Icon arcane empowerment.gif Arcane Empowerment
Mana Cost Minimum Skill Enhances the caster's healing/damaging spells and increases the toughness of summons.
50 24

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, the wizard Balthan utilizes scrolls of spells far outside of his level of spell mastery to create unique effects. He originally thought that this was taught to him by a vision of the Avatar, but later begins to believe it was a trick by the Shadowlords. In either event, no other wizard seems to know about this type of spell combining, which might be a form of Spellweaving.[1]

Timeu9.gif Time Wall
Combine An Tym, Xen Corp,
and Vas Lor scrolls, cast dust-be-gone and stir-the-pot
Creates a field of time energy around the user, dramatically reducing the amount of time that passes within.
Arcane Stairway
unknown, but requires casting the completed spell on a Moonstone Creates the illusion of an endless staircase, which can only be escaped by correctly completing a puzzle. Opens a moongate to the location desired by the mage after the puzzle is completed.


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