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Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: UUS SANCT
Reagents: GA, GS, SA
Circle: 2nd
Ultima VII
Words of Power: UUS SANCT
Reagents: GA, GS, SA
Circle: 2nd
Ultima VI
Words of Power: IN SANCT
Reagents: GA, GS, SA
Circle: 3rd
Ultima V
Name: Create Protection
Words of Power: IN SANCT
Reagents: GA, GS, SA
Circle: 4th
Ultima IV
Reagents: GA, GS, SA
Mana: 15

Ones armour isn't strong enough to protect well against the foe ahead? Then Protection helps. Casting it, the spellcaster will be surrounded by a white aura, and their defensive values are increased against the foe for a limited time. However, this is only for one person. For the whole party, the Protect All spell is needed.

The purple potions fulfill the same purpose as the spell.


There are times during the heat of battle when one finds the best form of offense to be naught but a good defense. When hard-pressed by fierce antagonists, the wise magician will mix together the reagents Sulphurous Ash, Ginseng, and Garlic and invoke the spell of Protection. The wholesome qualities of the Ginseng, together with the repellent strength of the Garlic, serve to shield the wizard and all companions from the onslaught of their enemies. Such Protection is not always effective, but may be of great use. Sulphurous Ash provides the mystic fire that fuels the incantation, and also serves to startle one's opponents with an initial flash as the spell begins to function. Protection is not a simple spell, but neither is it an exceptionally strenuous spell to cast. Its duration is short, and during the course of its shielding the mage will be reminded of its effects by a glowing “P” hovering before his or her eyes.
Sometimes young questers join in battles beyond their might. In Sanct helps balance the fight by creating a protective shield around each party member. In Sanct works only during combat and does not last long, so knights should be sure to hit hard and fast while the iron is doubled. In Sanct is most effective when sulphurous ash, fast-working ginseng, and reeking garlic are mixed by the mage and the group's strongest fighter, simultaneously.
Increases the effectiveness or armour as well as the target's prowess and intelligence.
This spell temporarily makes its subject more difficult to strike in combat, as well as rendering him invulnerable to traps and other hazards.
Not only does this spell reduce the subject's vulnerability to attack, it also temporarily eliminates the possibility of harm from traps and other similar hazards.


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