Wind Change

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Wind Change
Ultima VI
Words of Power: REL HUR
Reagents: BM, SA
Circle: 4th
Ultima V
Name: Change Wind
Words of Power: REL HUR
Reagents: BM, SA
Circle: 2nd
Ultima IV
Words of Power: the name of the patron of winds
Reagents: BM, SA
Mana: 10
The Temper of Wisdom
Words of Power: REL HUR
Reagents: unknown
Circle: 2nd

Successful travel by sea or balloon is at the whim of the wind. A ship can't effectively sail against the wind, and a balloon always drifts with it. So what to do if the wind isn't blowing in the direction a magic-user wants it to be? Cast Wind Change. It will change the direction of the wind for a while, thus cutting down travel time significantly. For any frequent traveller who doesn't use Gate Travel, this is an effective tool.


Not all Britannia is accessible on foot, and oft times the wizard will find the need to embark on a sea voyage to reach some certain destinations in the pursuit of Truth. Once aboard ship, most voyagers find themselves at the mercy of capricious nature with her ever-changing winds. This is not true for the practitioner of the mystic arts, however, for through magical means one may control the very direction of the wind, albeit for but a short span of time. Wind Change is not a taxing enchantment; indeed a powerful wizard can cast it almost continuously, although it is not so trivial as opening trapped chests or effecting minor teleportations. Simply mix Sulphurous ash for power and Blood Moss for movement to coax the wind to a more favorable direction. Speak the name of the patron of winds and call out the direction desired and the winds shall change at your bidding.
Those who love the open sea will find frequent use of Rel Hur. This powerful spell can redirect the wind for a time. To mix Rel Hur, line a board with damp blood moss and set the board against a tree or mast. Study the wind and find the exact spot in which to stand so that the sulphurous ash thrown into the air will be caught by the wind and flung against the blood moss. Complete the spell by blowing in the direction the wind should follow.
Allows caster to alter the prevailing direction of the wind.

Ultima Saga[edit]

This article or section is about the Ultima Saga series of novels. The information within may not apply to Ultima V or other Ultima games.

In Lynn Abbey's Ultima Saga, Rel Hur was one of the most common of scrolls, and one that Balthan can cast himself, but only works at sea.[1]


"Magic doesn't make weather."
"You can change the way the wind blows," Althea reminded him. "You said that Felespar made more Wind Change scrolls than any other kind, and that you could cast the spell yourself..."
"Rel Hur works over water." Balthan gave his attention to the bedraggled feathers in his hat.
"This isn't water?" Drum gestured at the bog.
The magician adjusted his hat over his forehead. "An ocean, Drum. Rel Hur doesn't change the way the wind blows, it creates a very big illusion over a very big body of water."

- from The Temper of Wisdom (Ultima Saga)


  • The Magic Fans in Ultima VI have the same effect.
  • This spell uses the same Words of Power, REL HUR, than Weather from later games. However, Weather is more powerful, affecting not only the wind, but complete storms.

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