Magic Storm

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Magic Storm
Ultima IX
Name: Lightning Storm
Words of Power: VAS GRAV HUR
Reagents: BP, GA, MR, SA
Circle: 8th
Ultima VII
Words of Power: VAS ORT HUR
Reagents: MR, NS, SA
Circle: 6th

When Magic Storm is cast, it summons a big storm, and magically charged lightning bolts will hit all the mage's enemies, hurting them severely in the process, if not killing them outright. A strong spell when it comes to a battle in the wilderness and the party is fighting against superior numbers.

It has to be noted that the storm does need a little time to gather, so it is not an instantaneous spell.

In Ultima IX, Lightning Storm rapidly summons a small thunderstorm to bombard the caster's foes. Unlike Magic Storm, the spell is very selective and only attacks enemies in a small area.


Magic Storm
This spell summons a swirling storm that will randomly attack the enemies of the mage with powerful bolts of lightning.
From the elemental plane of air roils the breath of the Titan of Air. In opening this portal to his realm, the caster brings forth his angry reply. Into a swirl at the fingertips of the mage flies the energy of a thousand storms. On invocation, he bursts this blight upon his enemies whose screams drown in the cascade of thunderclaps. They who survive forget neither the magic that opens the portal nor the blessings that keep it closed.

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