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Ultima IX
Words of Power: ORT POR
Reagents: BM, MR, SS
Circle: 7th

Teleport is a high-end utility spell. It allows the caster to teleport to a location that is not too far away, as long as a line of sight exists. This is useful to cross chasms, teleport through closed grates, etc. This spell is very difficult to find and therefore most sought after. If you get your hands on it, keep it safe within your spellbook.

Technically speaking, teleportation is possible everywhere where a yellow cursor can be pointed at.


Ah, Teleport is a gift from the heavens! Through invocation, the caster can move on the instant to any spot in sight. More than once, Arduin and Grimwar have arrived in a sweat at the top of Lark Mountain to find me in the necromantic slumber beneath a tree, an empty scroll nearby a suggestion of the means of transport. Without an unkind word, it prods their training. The cautious mage always reserves sufficient mana to cast this spell as a means to escape.


  • This spell can be used to bypass the dungeon in the Fortress of the Guardian. With it, the Avatar can teleport through the gap of the large gate into the yard, and then proceed directly to the throne room for the final confrontation.
  • It can also be used in Hythloth to teleport through the closed grates to avoid the second part of the dungeon.

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