Searing Rain

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Searing Rain
Ultima IX
Words of Power: VAS KAL AN FLAM JUX
Reagents: BM, MR
Circle: 8th

Searing Rain is one of the most destructive spell known in the Age of Armageddon. Casting it causes a thick rain of pure, concentrated acid to pour down in a wide area surrounding the caster, who himself is protected from the acid. The rain keeps going until dismissed or mana runs out. In this horrible inferno, next to nothing can survive and even the greatest creatures die a horrible death.

Needless to say it is strictly forbidden to cast it in inhabited areas. Also, it can only be cast while being ouside enclosed spaces or buildings.


The Titans of the Four Elements hold memories of their great and terrible invocations on the earthly plane, and never was there a more fearsome use of Water than the searing rains of the Great Cataclysm. In casting the Searing Rain spell, the mage summons this memory from the Titan and brings forth from the Elemental Plain of Water a

hail of acid down upon his enemies. Flesh is seared, and they who fall are melted into rainwater. Chaos reigns until the maglc is dispelled.

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