Create Reagents

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Create Reagents
Ultima IX
Words of Power: IN ORT YLEM
Reagents: BP, BM, GA, GS, MR, NS, SS, SA
Circle: 1st

If reagents are short at hand, then Create Reagents spell comes in handy. Casting it causes one unit of a reagent appear at the caster's feet. Considering that after the initial binding no more reagents are used, this is a good deal.

What kind of reagents appear is determined by the type of ground on which the mage is standing:

  • Grass: blood moss, garlic, ginseng, or spider silk
  • Dirt: blood moss, garlic, or ginseng
  • Forest: spider silk, nightshade, blood moss, garlic, or ginseng
  • Sand: black pearl
  • Rock: sulfurous ash
  • Lava: sulfurous ash
  • Saltwater: black pearl
  • Swamp: spider silk, blood moss, or mandrake root
  • Anywhere else: blood moss, garlic, ginseng, or spider silk


Even the disciplined mage can be caught unprepared. The Create Reagents spell allows the caster to focus his mana into the ground beneath his feet where a single reagent known to him may be extracted. A casting mage is limited to the reagents that he knows by sight, sound, and taste. The produced reagent varies with the terrain on which the mage performs the casting.


  • In the 1.19f version of Ultima IX, this spell does not function correctly. Effectively, every time this spell is cast, a black pearl rises from the ground irrespective of the terrain. In addition, the game often crashes immediately following this event.
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