Full Heal

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Full Heal
Ultima IX
Words of Power: VAS MANI
Reagents: GA, GS, MR
Circle: 5th

One of the two healing spells, Full Heal is the superior to Light Heal and heals all of the caster's wounds at once. Note however that it does only heal wounds, poison is not cured, despite claims to the contrary. For that the Cure spell is needed.


A Full Heal spell bathes the recipient in the Waters of Life. It heals wounds, cures disease, and restores him to maximum health. In his quiet way, Arduin has pestered me for months to teach him this spell, yet he lacks the skill to cast it. For a warrior with sufficient mana, Full Heal should allow you to avoid the hospices so that you may continue to drub trolls and thrash gargoyles as your kind is wont to do.

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