Hail Storm

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Hail Storm
Ultima IX
Name: Frost Storm
Words of Power: VAS AN FLAM HUR
Reagents: BM, MR, SA
Circle: 7th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: KAL DES YLEM
Reagents: BP, BM, MR
Circle: 6th
A Frost Storm
Hail Storm is based on coldness, rather than heat or energy, conjuring a storm which will cast countless razor-sharp ice shards at the caster's foes, causing serious damage. The spell has an area effect, allowing it to injure multiple enemies at the same time. It can be regarded as an area-based version of Cold Blast.

In Ultima IX, the Frost Storm continues until dismissed, constantly draining the mana of the caster.


Brings down a storm of hailstones upon the caster's enemy and the surrounding area.
Many a goblin myth has been writ of they who could gather a storm of ice Frost Storm summons the worst of the far north climate to the upraised hand of the caster and explodes snow, ice and terrible winds from it into the area about the mage Damage to one's foes can be significant. Into the teeth of a driving storm, few choose to war.

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