Mana Breath

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Mana Breath
Ultima IX
Words of Power: ORT MANI HUR
Reagents: GS, MR, SS
Circle: 6th

The Mana Breath spell, which constantly drains mana once activated, allows the caster to breathe underwater, the same way a blue potion would do. It allows to do longer tasks under water without the danger of drowning. This makes it downright useful, but the danger of running out of mana while underwater negates some of its usefulness; therefore, use it with caution.


On first examination, Mana Breath seems a simple cast, for it merely converts water energy into breathable air which allows safe passage beneath water. However, Mana Breath is the only spell of the Eight Circles that can be cast without firm station for one's feet. As such, the alchemic exchanges are subtle and continue to elude me.

Arduin offered his assistance on the problem, and it was three days before he solved, to his chagrin, the reactions of baking yeast. We did not converse for a week thence. Be cautious in your usage, as each watery step out must be matched by a step back to shore.


  • This is the only spell in Ultima IX that can be cast while being under water.

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