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Ultima IX
Words of Power: KAL AN LOR CORP
Reagents: BM, MR, NS, SA
Circle: 7th

This article is about the Death spell from Ultima IX. For other uses, see Death (Disambiguation).

The Death spell in Ultima IX aims to literally drag its target to an early grave through a lethal, ethereal force. This incantation, however, differs significantly from the Kill spells previously encountered in the series: only less hardy creatures are affected, and the invoking mage is drained of half their maximum health, potentially resulting in a fatal casting should significant injuries have been previously sustained.


Beware the Death spell, as it claims a lesser life force and dissipates it into the earth. Do not take its function lightly. The magic is simple and direct, yet casting is reserved for experienced mages, for it is only through experience that we learn the value of the blessing dubbed Life. Rare is the mage who can cast Death. Rarer still is the mage who is not affected by its casting.

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