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Ultima IX
Name: Summon Demon
Words of Power: KAL VAS CORP XEN
Reagents: BM, MR, NS, SS
Circle: 7th
Ultima VII Part Two
Words of Power: KAL VAS XEN
Reagents: BM, GA, MR, SS
Circle: 9th
Ultima VII
Words of Power: KAL VAS XEN
Reagents: BM, GA, MR
Circle: 8th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: KAL XEN CORP
Reagents: BM, GA, MR, SS
Circle: 8th
Ultima V
Name: Call a Creature of Death
Words of Power: KAL XEN CORP
Reagents: BM, GA, MR, SS
Circle: 8th

Summon is a spell that calls forth a powerful creature to aid the caster. This is a truly potent spell, but it also has to be used with much caution. The downside of this spell is that once the caster's enemies have been defeated, the creature, annoyed at being summoned, will turn against the spellcaster.

Originally, casting this spell summoned deadly daemons to destroy the enemies of the spellcaster. However, in Ultima VII and Ultima VII Part Two, the spell summons other powerful creatures like dragons. The reason for the change is unknown.

In Ultima IX, this spell is more focused and specifically calls forth a daemon.


Kal Xen Corp resembles Kal Xen, but its summons has far greater complexity and power. Kal Xen Corp calls forth a daemon. But only an experienced wizard is able to devote the concentration needed to bind the daemon's allegiance and prevent it from turning on his party. Then, although the daemon cannot use its own powers of possession, it can hurl great balls of fire across long distance to smite foes. Mandrake root, gathered as near as possible to an entrance to dungeons, pits, and other vile holes, is the base of this spell. Add garlic, blood moss and the strongest spider silk. Mix the lot together letting the moisture of the root act as a binding. Now shape the mixture into the form of the winged daemon. Raise the icon to the sky, into this spell and hear it calling its own.
Calls forth a daemon from the underworld who may assist you in combat.
This spell summons a powerful creature that will fight for the mage and his party.
This spell brings into being a mighty, but never pre-determined, creature to side with the caster against any foes.
Among the more volatile control-forms of Fire, the Summon Demon invocation calls forth a Creature of the Pit to do the bidding of the caster. The key elements are sufficient blood moss to control the beast and a clear voice during the summoning. For a Demon can sense tremors in human disposition and has eternity to prey on it. Alas, in the joy of casting such a powerful spell, many a mage has forgotten that a summoned demon will turn on the caster when his mana runs dry and will feather the Pit with his robes.

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