Summon Undead

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Summon Undead
Ultima IX
Words of Power: KAL CORP XEN
Reagents: BM, NS, SS
Circle: 5th

Summon Undead summons an undead creature like a skeleton or zombie in order to help the mage in battle, constantly being fed mana. Be warned that once mana runs out or the spell is cancelled, the creature will turn against the caster and battle to the bitter end.


This spell of the Earth gathers from the ground one undead creature who joins the caster's side to fight. As an apprentice. I once tried to summon a treasured pig and instead called forth the bones of a miner. We seemed to enjoy our companionship until I ran dry of mana. Forthwith, the creature chased me over many hills to the doorstep of my mentor who dispatched the skeletal fellow back into the earth. The retelling of the story rekindles its embarrassment.

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