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Ultima IX
Words of Power: KAL JUX YLEM
Reagents: BM, MR, SA
Circle: 6th

Meteorite is one of the strongest attack spells available. It calls forth a flaming rock from outer space to smash into an enemy with unbelivable force. This usually means the death of said creature, as only very strong ones can withstand this attack. This spell has almost no casting delay, which makes it even more powerful.

Note that this spell only works when the caster is not inside an enclosed place. In buildings or dungeons, this spell does nothing, as the meteorite can't reach its goal.


Meteorite impact
I fear the day when Grimwar learns this spell, for the fire of an imagination pointed in the wrong direction is a terrible thing, indeed. Meteorite summons molten Earth energy and casts it down from the sky onto an enemy. Drawn from frictions within the soil, Meteorite can be used only in open spaces. However, such a spell can make short work of all but the sturdiest of foes.

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