Crystal Barrier

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Crystal Barrier
Ultima IX
Words of Power: IN BET YLEM
Reagents: BP, BM, MR
Circle: 2nd

Crystal Barrier is a purely defensive spell. Casting is causes several large crystals rapidly growing from the ground, blocking the path of possible foes. However, these crystals are very unstable and dissolve after some time. So the mage has to use the won time wisely in order to make the best of this spell.

Note that it is not possible to let cystals grow on the ground where a foe is standing.


To the afflicted, the Crystal Barrier can be quite a nuisance. When cast, a wall of crystal explodes from the ground. The sharpest weapon cannot penetrate a Crystal Barrier which provides an excellent means of escape in enclosed spaces. The rarity of mandrake root makes it one of the least studied of the Inner Circle spells.

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