Infernal Armor

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Infernal Armor
Ultima IX
Words of Power: UUS FLAM SANCT
Reagents: MR, SA, SS
Circle: 2nd

Even though the name of the spell Infernal Armour suggests an armour made a flames, it is actually used to protect the caster from fire damage, may it be from natural fires, magical fire attacks or even from lava. However, this spell constantly feeds of the mage's mana until dismissed. Should mana run out while walking through lava...


Infernal Armor surrounds the mage in a cloak of fire that protects him from a variety of attacks, notably those by fire. Much to my surprise, Arduin would have cast a perfect Infernal Armor on his first attempt, if but for ether. Alas, much to the surprise of my young pupil, Grimwar the Prankster cast a Stone spell promptly at his forehead. When the ether clears, the first war of magic shall occur on my doorstep.

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