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Ultima IX
Words of Power: VAS LOR
Reagents: MR, SA
Circle: 4th

Day is a stronger version of the Light spell. Casting it creates a bight light sphere, which illuminates a greater area and therefore is more useful than the lesser spell.


In dark places, the Day spell has deterred many an ambush, for it calls upon the pure glow of the Elemental Plane of Fire and spreads it from the mage's outstretched hand. Where walks the mage, so travels the cloud of day's light. More than a single closed environ has been opened when the Day spell revealed a hidden exit.


  • The spell is bugged as the sphere fizzles out after some moments, but still drains mana as if still on. It has to be dismissed to stop the drain.
  • This spell uses the same Words of Power as the Great Light spell from previous games. However, Great Light creates a lightsource of equal strength than Light, but making it last longer, while Day creates a strongest source of light.

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