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Ultima IX
Words of Power: VAS AN FLAM GRAV
Reagents: BP, MR, SA
Circle: 4th
Freezing an enemy
Sometimes it is better for the mage to get an advantage over the enemy, regardless how unfair it is. With Freeze, the enemy is frozen into place, unable to move at all. The mage then should have little problem to use a weapon to beat the defenseless foe to death. It is interesting to note that frozen enemies can't be shattered.

Note that the Frost Sword does have the same effect.


For a period of time. Freeze chills the water of the body to the point of paralyzing sinew and organ and, fixing the feet to the ground. When we apprenticed together among the southern mages, Baldir was fond of Freezing me in the forest far from our home at twilight's onset. Many a cold and dark walk was spent plotting my revenge against Baldir and his treasured Freeze.

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