Flame Wind

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Flame Wind
Ultima IX
Name: Bolt of Flame
Words of Power: VAS FLAM POR
Reagents: BP, MR, SS, SA
Circle: 5th
Ultima VI
Words of Power: FLAM HUR
Reagents: BM, MR, SA
Circle: 6th
Ultima V
Name: Create a Flame Wind
Words of Power: IN FLAM HUR
Reagents: BM, MR, SA
Circle: 8th

Casting Flame Wind will turn the hands of the mage into literal flamethrower, shooting a wave of fire against the foes, severely burning if not outright killing them. However, the spell has to be used with caution, since it doesn't discriminate between friend and foe.

In Ultima IX, the Flame Wind spell has returned as the Bolt of Flame spell. While the spell is still very potent, the caster cannot move while casting it.


In Flam Hur causes the wind itself to catch fire and devastate all in its path. Those who intone this spell can direct the flaming wind in a deadly spreading wedge. All creatures in the path of this wedge are severely burned; few ever survive. Careless misdirection of In Flam Hur over one's own companions may result in their deaths as well. Sulphurous ash, blood moss and mandrake root combine best for this spell in an iron cauldron over great heat.
Sends a gale of flaming wind in the direction of your foes.
This spell projects a bolt of fire from the hand of the mage and can be sustained until mana is depleted or the caster dispels it. Without control of ether to cast the Bolt of Flame, my life has been more settled. For, both Arduin and Grimwar continue to make mistakes in casting that would burn all of the verdant trees in the valley. For Arduin, it is cause for further study. For Grimwar, it is cause for further experimentation.

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