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Ultima IX
Words of Power: IN BET YLEM
Reagents: -
Circle: Linear

Stone is the most simple attack spell available at the time of Ultima IX. Casting it hurls a magically charged stone at the foe, causing low damage. Since it has no cost at all for the mage, being a linear spell, it can be repeatedly cast in quick succession in order to pelt the enemy with numerous stones, which in the end will surely bring death. However, the more stronger foes can only laugh at this spell.

Therefore some time in the future, it has to be abandoned for stronger spells.


Casting Stone
Suitable for stupid. awed creatures, the Stone spell Finds favor with apprentices of equally small impression. Grimwar has adapted this spell to juggle baubles to the delight of peasant girls and to hurl these stones when their swains arrive. In more practical form, Stone draws a rock from the earth and flings it at a target.

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